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Week 9 Driver Entries

3 May, 2016 - The month of May begins with a bang– a few of last year’s top 10 drivers just signed up for the Grands. Here we go! SportKart USA would like to Read More..

Week 8 Driver Entries

26 April, 2016 - Race date is getting closer and closer– it’s now less than 2 months away! Now for this week, we announce the following addition to the roster. SportKart USA would like Read More..

Week 7 Driver Entries

19 April, 2016 - Last week, we announced the official 2016 Event Shoe presented by Vans— every driver signed up by April 24th is guaranteed a complimentary pair in his or her size. If Read More..

Week 5 Driver Entries

5 April, 2016 - We’re now into April and the Sportivo, Tecnico, and Grande CCW layouts will not been seen again until SKGN itself. Hopefully you had a chance to give them a shot… Read More..

Week 4 Driver Entries

29 March, 2016 - 1 month down, less than 3 to go until Grands. Here’s our next addition to one of our biggest races of the year. SportKart USA would like to welcome the Read More..

Week 2 Driver Entries

15 March, 2016 - Two weeks elapsed since registration opening day and we continue to see new names. Here’s what we’ve got for new additions to the roster. SportKart USA would like to welcome Read More..